For Individuals

For Individuals

Areyvut’s National Mitzvah Day is an opportunity to get children, teenagers, and adults actively involved in chesed (kindness) and community service activities and give back to the community.  The details of Areyvut’s 13th National Mitzvah Day, which will take place on Sunday, April 15th, 2018, are currently in development and information on our upcoming program will be posted shortly.

Here is a List of 50 Ways individuals can get involved.

10 Ways For Parents & Children to Participate in 24 Hours of Kindness

We really want you to participate in 24 Hours of Kindness!  Here are some ways that you can do chesed with your child.

  1. Go through your book shelves and collect books to donate to a local school, library, juvenile detention center or children’s hospital.
  2. Make a welcome basket for a new child or new family in town. This can include useful telephone numbers, a neighborhood guide and food.
  3. Write a thank you note to your parents, spouse, mentor or anyone who has helped you.
  4. Deliver flowers or pizza to your local police or fire station as a thank-you for a job well done.
  5. Make a tzedakah box – a charity box – and place it in at a convenient place near the door. Whenever you come home, put the coins left in your pocket or purse in the tzedakah box. When the box is full, bring it to the specified charity.
  6. Make sandwiches to give to a local shelter, soup kitchen or agency.
  7. Care for a neighbor’s pet and/or offer to take your friend’s dog for a walk.
  8. Prepare homemade greeting cards for people in supervised homes, prisons, or nursing homes.
  9. Make a meal for someone in the community so that they can spend the day doing what they want.
  10. Be on the lookout for opportunities to perform good deeds and act upon them.
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