2020 “A Kindness a Day” Calendar

Areyvut’s 2020 A Kindness a Day calendar is an accessible, relatable, unique tool that can help put the values of chesed (kindness), tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (social justice) that lie at the core of Jewish tradition and practice within reach, so that you can easily infuse your daily life with core Jewish values.  Each month is dedicated to a theme – such as welcoming guests, expressing gratitude and doing the right thing – with each day highlighting a piece of Jewish text along with a modern interpretation, providing 366 days of meaningful and practical acts of kindness.  Our calendar is a powerful tool and educational resource that not only helps make the world a better place, but also forges more meaningful relationships with loved ones. Sometimes, a small reminder is all one needs to pause amidst a hectic day and think of how one small action can impact so many.

The calendars are generally $15 per unit and do not include shipping.  Shipping costs will be added before you check out when you add in your shipping address.  If you want to pick up your calendars at our office in Bergenfield please contact us at 201-244-6702 or via info@areyvut.org to make arrangements.

We are currently offer discounted pricing and prices are subject to change and while supplies last.  Orders will be sent via UPS Ground.

  • 1-5: $13.50
  • 6-9 $12.50 per unit
  • 10-19  $11.50 per unit
  • 20+  $10.50 per unit