Women’s International Zionist Organization

Women’s International Zionist Organization

38 David Hamelech Blvd
Tel Aviv, POB 33159, Israel 64237

Annette Crandel
Deputy Director, Fundraising Division, World WIZO
052 03 692 3932 (Phone)

Description of Organization:

The Women’s International Zionist Organization identifies the needs of Israeli society, and creates solutions to meet them. Now over 250,000 members strong in 50 federations worldwide, WIZO is the main agent of change for women, children, and youth in Israel. The organization strives to strengthen women and their families in Israel and to connect global Jewish communities by working together for a stronger Israel. WIZO has three main focus areas: women’s rights, children, and youth. For women, WIZO offers empowerment and leadership, legal aid and advice, legislation and policy, and works to reduce and treat domestic violence. For children, WIZO has 183 Day Care Centers, offers foster homes, and integrates children with special needs or children at risk in their Day Care Centers. For youth, WIZO has a number of Youth Villages, youth centers, and schools for special education.

Bnai Mitzvah Projects or Volunteer Opportunities offered by the organization for children ages 11 - 13:

WIZO relies on the support of its volunteers to make its many projects possible. Specific one-time volunteer opportunities may not be possible, as the youth villages and day cares run on a very professional basis, and WIZO has an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of minors in their care. However, WIZO offers a number of opportunities to support WIZO from your own community, which include raising money for a variety of projects, or a very specific project that interests you and your family. You can raise money for music or sports scholarships, for therapy with small animals in the youth villages or for new computers in foster homes, to name a few examples. As WIZO serves women to children, and has 800 programs there are endless projects to support. It is important to WIZO that you find a project that you feel connected to and would like to support, and they are here to help point you in that direction! After you raise the money, WIZO welcomes families to come see the work that WIZO does on the ground in Israel.

Minimum Age to Volunteer:

Family visits are allowed

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