Dream Doctors

Dream Doctors

Derech HaShalom 7A
Tel Aviv, Israel 6789208

Megan McLean
Resource Development
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Description of Organization:

Since our founding in 2002, Dream Doctors medical clowns have touched the lives of more than 1.6 million children in Israel. We currently partner with 29 hospitals across the country where our 100 Dream Doctors offer care to approximately 200,000 patients annually.
Our “Dream Doctors” bring light, love, and laughter to the hospital wards and work hand-in-hand with doctors and nurses to make procedures less anxiety-ridden. As professional artists with extensive training, they have a rich toolbox of techniques that ease fear and pain for children undergoing treatment in hospitals and medical clinics. They are able to build a special bond with patients, families and staff, and empower the children, making them feel brave and comfortable in the unfamiliar hospital environment.

The Dream Doctors also travel all over the world to share their knowledge and experience with our friends and partners abroad. They serve as reservists in the IDF Field Hospital Unit and brought humanitarian aid to Nepal and Haiti after the devastating earthquakes and to Houston and Miami after the hurricanes in 2017. With the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dream Doctors serve as Goodwill Ambassadors and have offered training to medical clowns, students, medical staff, and therapists worldwide.

Bnai Mitzvah Projects or Volunteer Opportunities offered by the organization for children ages 11 - 13:

Our staff will happily work with you to create your own fundraising and awareness campaign for the Dream Doctors Project. You may even choose which hospital or program you fundraise for and afterwards you’ll receive stories, photos and videos of the work you’ve supported to share with those who donated to your campaign. And when you visit Israel we will take you and your family to the hospital that benefitted from your generous mitzvah, to meet the Dream Doctors who work there, learn some of their special techniques, and help them bring joy to the pediatric ward!

For every $65 donated, we can provide an hour of medical clowning to a hospital, benefitting 5 children in need! Dream Doctors medical clowns work in over 30 different hospital wards such as pediatric oncology, the emergency room, the operating room, dialysis, autism clinics, and physical rehabilitation.

A fundraiser of $1000 will even allow our medical clowns to grant a wish for a child with a serious, long-term illness by taking them out of the hospital for a day of fun with their family and friends. And if the Bar/Bat Mitzvah who sponsored the “wish” comes to Israel to celebrate, they can join the child they sponsored for their special day!

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