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Description of Organization:

Kulanu (“All of Us” in Hebrew), founded in 1994, is a non-profit organization which supports isolated, emerging, and returning Jewish communities around the world who wish to learn more about Judaism and (re-)connect with the wider Jewish community. Since then, Kulanu has operated on five continents to help Jews isolated from world Jewry and people who wish to reconnect with their Jewish roots to enrich their Jewish learning and practice of Judaism. Today, Kulanu is a network of people with a shared interest in strengthening the global Jewish community and improving the lives of individuals.

One important area of Kulanu’ s work is their collaboration with communities in Asia and Africa on projects for sustainable development and infrastructure improvements.

In addition, they operate an online boutique that sells books, CDs, handcrafts and Judaica from and about these communities.

Bnai Mitzvah Projects or Volunteer Opportunities offered by the organization for children ages 11 - 13:

Bnai Mitzvah Projects or Volunteer Opportunities for children ages 11 – 13:

As a bar/bat mitzvah student, you can connect your friends and family with individuals and communities all over the globe, and help raise money for their communities. For more information, see here: https://kulanu.org/mitzvah-projects/

If you are an older volunteer looking to get involved, there are many projects Kulanu would love your help with. For more information on overseas volunteering, please see here: http://bit.ly/kulanuoverseas

For domestic volunteer opportunities, please see here: http://bit.ly/kulanuvolunteer

If you’d like to raise money for Kulanu, consider creating a personal fundraising page through their platform. For more information, please see here: http://bit.ly/kualnupfp

Minimum Age to Volunteer:


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