Heifer International

Heifer International

1 World Ave
Little Rock, AR 72202

Valerie Danzey
Community Engagement Coordinator
501-907-8879 (Phone)

Description of Organization:

At the heart of Heifer’s work is a notion similar to tzedakah: that it is our duty to help those in genuine need.

Our founder, Dan West, felt the call to do what he could for others. As a farmer from Indiana, he spent time as a relief worker during the Spanish Civil War. He soon discovered that a meager cup of milk rationed once a day to weary refugees was not enough. AND THEN HE HAD A THOUGHT: What if they were given cows?

Heifer International grew from that thought, not a cup but a cow. For more than 70 years we have remained true to this idea – though we now give many different types of livestock. Our work, which also provides environmentally friendly agricultural training, is the spark families need to lift themselves out of poverty. Since 1944, we have helped more than 30 million families in 125 countries, including the United States.

Bnai Mitzvah Projects or Volunteer Opportunities offered by the organization for children ages 11 - 13:

Bnai Mitzvah Projects:

Heifer International believes that young people like YOU have the power to change the world! At Heifer, we’ve learned that young people can be our most powerful spokespeople. We’re glad that you are helping to end hunger and poverty, because when we all work together, great things happen. Here are some ideas:

  • Create your fundraising page at www.heifer.org/fundraise and add photos/videos.
  • Speak to your class, congregation, family and friends about Heifer’s work.
  • Take a bike ride or run and ask for sponsors to help you make a difference.
  • Talk with teachers about doing a Heifer Read to Feed or one of the Global Study program (free materials at www.heifer.org/schools).
  • Chores for Change: Assist neighbors with yard work or walking pets. Donate your chore money to Heifer.
  • Have a party with food from countries where Heifer works.
  • Organize a Heifer display at a local farmer’s market.
  • Check out www.heifer.org/faith for more exciting ideas and add your own! Click on Coming of Age programs for the Mitzvah Project brochure.

Minimum Age to Volunteer:


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