Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI)

Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI)

29 Mekor Chaim Street
Jerusalem, Israel 93465

Sharon Spira
Volunteer coordinator, International relations
02-678-3144 (within Israel) +97226783144 (from outside Israel) (Phone)
02-678-4737 (within Israel) +97226783144 (from outside Israel) (Fax)

Description of Organization:

Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI) operates a free dental clinic in Jerusalem for disadvantaged children and youth-at-risk. Children treated at the clinic range from 4 to 26 years old and come from all the diverse backgrounds represented in Jerusalem, including Ethiopian, Palestinian, Ultra-Orthodox and Secular Jewish Israeli children and youth. The children receive all the necessary preventative and restorative dentistry which they would not otherwise be able to afford. DVI never requests payment for any treatment. Mrs. Trudi Birger, a Holocaust survivor, who saw children’s care as her goal in life, established DVI in 1980. The clinic is operated by dentists from around the world who volunteer for periods of 1 – 2 weeks. D.V.I. treats some 50 poor children per day, most of whom are arriving for the first time in their life to a dentist, and some are even in their teens. They receive their first toothbrush and learn how to keep their teeth healthy throughout their lifetime. Dental Volunteers for Israel is proud to be a unique organization providing approx. 1,000 free treatments monthly.
We also provide free dentures to Holocaust Survivors and needy elderly aged 71+.

Bnai Mitzvah Projects or Volunteer Opportunities offered by the organization for children ages 11 - 13:

Sponsor one child’s treatment for one year – $180; Organize a toothbrush drive for DVI’s patients; Sponsor 10 children’s treatment for one year – $1,800

Minimum Age to Volunteer:


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