Clean Ocean Action

Clean Ocean Action

18 Hartshorne Drive Suite 2
Highlands, NJ 07732

Amanda Wheeler
Education and Volunteer Coordinator
732-872-0111 (Phone)
732-872-8041 (Fax)

Description of Organization:

Clean Ocean Action is a non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against pollution in the waters off of the New York and New Jersey coast. Since 1984, Clean Ocean Action has used citizen action, research and education to advocate for solutions to pollution.

Bnai Mitzvah Projects or Volunteer Opportunities offered by the organization for children ages 11 - 13:

Since 1985, Clean Ocean Action has been sending thousands of volunteers onto the beaches of New Jersey to remove litter and count and categorize it to contribute to a large and long running citizen science experiment and database. All ages are invited to participate. The Beach Sweeps are held twice a year, in the spring and the fall, at over 70 locations along the coast. Please consult Clean Ocean Action’s website for more information and to register for the event. Registration is not required but recommended. Registration generally opens six to eight weeks prior to each Sweeps.

Minimum Age to Volunteer:


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