New Years Resolutions: Remember to be Kind

Posted on January 5, 2015

Whatever we are experts in now, we were once beginners in. This article really resonated with me because about four years ago I discovered my love for running and learned all about it from my friends.  Thankfully, no one scoffed at my ambition to learn about running.  Everyone had been very kind in offering the advice they had gathered from their years of running and fitness, and truly shared in my own excitement.  This article is a reminder that we all once were beginners at something and shouldn’t roll our eyes at the “newbies” joining us.  Instead of rolling our eyes, we should choose to be kind and mentor that person (even if that just means answering a question or two).  This is true in all aspects, from running, to teaching.  We were all new once, and we all appreciate the person who takes it upon themselves to help out another.  For  more about that, see our blog post on mentoring a teacher here.

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