Jerusalem Mayor Announces Launch of Jerusalem Unity Prize

Posted on January 8, 2015

A prize in memory of the three boys kidnapped and murdered this past summer has been announced by the mayor of Jerusalem with a moving video featuring him and the mothers of the slain teens. This article tells all the details about the Jerusalem Unity Prize.  Check out the article for more information.

“The award will be presented in three separate categories, each with prizes of up to 100,000 shekel. Winners will be chosen from a committee chaired by the Mayor, the parents of the three boys and dignitaries from Israel and the Diaspora.
1. Individuals or Organizations – This award will be presented to individuals, entities or organizations who prove that they have worked in an exemplary manner to advance Jewish unity over an extended period of time.
2. Social Initiatives – This award will be presented to individual visionaries or groups of visionaries who have advanced social programs that challenge the problem of dis-unity within the greater Jewish community.
3. Israel and the Diaspora – This award will be presented to individuals or groups who have successfully advanced programs that better unite the Diaspora with the land and people of Israel.”
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