2014 Chesed Fair & Bnai Mitzvah Evening @ Yeshivat Noam

Posted on March 26, 2014

Cross posted on the Yeshivat Noam blog

Areyvut was pleased to organize a Chesed Fair for Yeshivat Noam’s 5th grade girls and 6th grade boys the evening of March 25th. There was much excitement in the air as fifteen agencies- ranging from Amit to the Jewish Communal Fund, Chai Lifeline, and beyond- came to present their volunteer opportunities to the Noam community. Noam students were interested in the wide variety of volunteer positions offered, and enthusiastic about adding a chesed component to their big day. The entire event reflected the strong connection the school has to chesed and tzedakah, and their dedication to actively providing their students with the opportunity to put these values into action. Areyvut, a non-profit based in Bergenfield, aims to infuse the lives of Jewish youth and teens with the core Jewish values of chesed, tzedakah, and tikkun olam. They work with day schools, synagogues, community centers, and individual families to bring innovative programs and chesed opportunities to our children. For more information about the Chesed Fair, or to meet with Areyvut regarding volunteer opportunities, please call (201)-244-6702 or email info@areyvut.org.

Following the chessed fair students met with Rabbi Koslowe and Mrs. Troodler to do an activity focused on Bar/Bat Mitzvah etiquette and debrief about their chessed interests while the parents met with Rabbi Hagler to review the school guidelines for Bnei Mitzvah smachot.

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