Six Pathways to Enduring Results: Lessons from Spend-Down Foundations

Posted on November 6, 2013

A growing number of donors are resolving to give away most or all of their resources within a defined time frame.  With a deadline in sight, donors are more motivated to think about where there money will have the most lasting impact.  See more in detail about this here.

The following are 6 pathways to take in order to “spend-down”:

1) People – Invest in people who will become the field’s leaders and carry your values and priorities into the future
2) Powerful Institutions – Invest in a powerful institution or network so it can continue to meet evolving challenges
3) Philanthropists – Cultivate other philanthropists who will support the field or program in the future
4) Proven Programs -Expand proven programs to increase the breadth or depth of their impact
5) Pioneering Research – Support pioneering research that can accelerate the field
6) Policy Change -Invest in the development or adoption of government policy

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