Eight Reasons Why Toughness Pays Off in the Classroom

Posted on November 11, 2013

  From the Marshall Memo, this article was brought to my attention.  The points made are important ones.  When teachers believe in their students enough to give them honest feedback, push them to work their hardest, and constantly remind them that failure is a positive part of the learning process, students can attain so much.

Below are a list of the 8 eight reasons why toughness pays off in the classroom.  To see more in detail, click the link above.

1) A little pain is good for you
2) Memorization pays off
3) Failure is part of the learning process
4) Strictness works
5) Creativity is not spontaneous combustion
6) Grit is more important than talent
7) Praise must be strategic
8) Moderate stress makes you stronger

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