Eisner and Crane Lake Camps Stand Up to Bullying

Posted on August 11, 2013

     An amazing anti-bullying program at the Eisner and Crane Lake camps used interactive and meaningful ways of engaging teens in preventing and standing up to bullying.  Staff alongside campers wrote an anti-bullying song and the camp heard a father speak about his son who commited suicide due to bullying which both proved to be powerful.  Another amazing out-of-the-box activity was the writing of an oath on a piece of ribbon by each camper.  The ribbons were tied in the sukkah that the camp has and symbolizes a place of peace and shelter.  There are many ways to present anti-bullying that are out-of-the-box and inspiring.  Areyvut applauds the Eisner and Crane Lake camps for taking bullying seriously and going all out in creative ways to empower children and teens to stop it in its tracks.

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