Engineered Serendipity: Creating Space For Innovation and Risk-Taking

Posted on April 25, 2013

Brainstorming and collaborating with Board members and colleagues alike is an essential way of bettering oneself and ones organization.  Areyvut values group participation, suggestions and ideas from individuals which can add to our programs and resources and that enable us to reflect and improve.  This article is an excellent piece about the need for valuing risk-taking in our efforts within the Jewish community.  One paragraph that particularly stands out to me is this one: “Creation ex nihilo (from nothing) pertains only to God. We, humans, create by combining, adapting and exapting existing knowledge. ‘Invention’ in Latin shares the same root as ‘inventory.’  One can only invent with what one has.”  May we all work together and put forth ideas to build on existing ideas and create valuable programming and life-improving activities.

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