Digital Kindness

Posted on April 14, 2013

     Lately social media has been getting quite a bad reputation.  With people posting heinous messages to one another and cyber-bullying being all over the internet and then tragically us learning about the aftermath on our televisions, it’s nice to remember that social media is also being used for kindness and compliments!  This article   features the “Brown University Compliments” page on Facebook in which students can share compliments anonymously about their friends and perfect strangers on campus.  It’s examples like these that remind us that the internet can in fact be used for boosting someones spirit instead of knocking it down and that ultimately that’s what social media was intended for, connecting with others.  People like to bash social media for its harmful effects but what about sites like these that only create positive thinking and boost someones mood or self-esteem?  Another website I used to love (which has unfortunately been taken down) was a website called emotional bag check in which people could anonymously send a description of what’s bothering them and be sent a song and a positive message by a person who responded in return.  It was amazing to receive a song in my inbox a day after I had been stressed or upset for one reason or another.  Sites like these keep me positive about the world in which we live and optimistic that people just want to love, be loved, and express kindness to those around them.

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