College Athlete Gladly Ends His Shot Put Career to Donate Bone Marrow

Posted on April 26, 2013


     Cameron Lyle, a college student at the University of New Hampshire, is giving up the final weeks of his shot put athletic career in order to donate bone marrow to a 28 year old man with Leukemia who has been given six months to live.  The decision for him was a no-brainer and could give the man a few more years to live.  The article not only inspired me but made me feel better about a world we live in which emphasizes the importance of sports and the status gained from being exceptional at them.  While I believe that sports can be beneficial and fun I also firmly believe that some things are more important than sports; saving a life is one of those things.  I’m glad that Cameron Lyle also feels this way and that he is happy with his decision to help out a man not much older than himself.  “I knew right away I was definitely going to donate,” he said.  I’m glad to read stories like Cameron’s that show tremendous acts of giving especially ones like this in which the giver doesn’t even know who he is donating to. There will be an opportunity to meet one another in a year at which point he and the recipient can each sign consent forms to reveal their identities to one another.  Helping a total stranger live longer is a beautiful way to give of yourself and Cameron Lyle is doing just that.  And while I’m not the biggest sports fan I know one thing.  I sure am a fan of Cameron Lyle and this selfless act of love.

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