Doing Mitzvah Projects Right

Posted on March 15, 2013

Marjorie Ingall fully supports doing Bnai Mitzvah projects when reaching Bar and Bat mitzvah age.  What she doesn’t fully support, however, is the way that they are often done today.  She takes issue with the Bnai Mitzvah simply asking guests to donate without seeming to have a true connection to the cause.  Marjorie argues for the importance of not only raising money but for raising awareness, doing sincere research and engaging other people in the cause.  According to her, these projects would be much more effective for all involved if it were connected to the Bnai Mitzvah’s areas of interest.  He or she would feel more obviously passionate about the cause and this passion would be transmitted to others.

This is what we do at Areyvut, where we have personalized Bnai Mitzvah Projects, catering each project to each individual’s area of interest.  In this way, the Bnai Mitzvah can feel more connected to the cause they are promoting and hopefully continue to be involved with that cause long after their Bar or Bat Mitzvah is over.

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