Clinic Has People Pay With Kindness, Not Cash

Posted on March 14, 2013

     Operation H.O.P.E., an organization that provides medical and dental care (among other services) for the homeless, orphans, and low-income families in Las Vegas led by Dr. Elliot Shin, has patients pay back their treatment not in cash, but by doing three acts of kindness for those in their community.  Operation H.O.P.E. does amazing things for those in the Las Vegas community who couldn’t otherwise afford the care and allows them to return the favor by also doing acts of kindness.  It’s a “pay-it-forward” type system and has the power to change everyone involved.  More than allowing the patients to feel good by doing good for others in return, they are given the important reminder that money isn’t everything and that kind deeds can be just as powerful a payment as any. Ideas like this can change the world and when put into practice, they truly have the power to.

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