The Importance of Jewish Mentorship

Posted on January 16, 2013

Brad Sugar introduces his article with an interesting and thought provoking activity: To “draw a Jew.”  When he tried this with a group of college students, under an organization now called “The Jewish Student Connection,” the results troubled him.  They resorted to the very typical Jewish stereotypes; some drew a rabbi with payot (side curls) and a black hat, some drew a big nose, others a doctor, lawyer, etc.  What was so upsetting to Sugar was that none of them, females included, drew any women, or anyone who remotely resembled themselves.  When he asked them why, they responded that they did not have any Jewish role models in their lives other than their families.  Brad Sugar goes on to stress the importance of mentors in one’s life, especially in the lives of teenagers, during which people are growing and developing themselves and their beliefs. 

Who are your Jewish mentors and inspirations?

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