The Growth of Experiential Education

Posted on October 28, 2012

In a recent article on, Renee Rubin Ross focuses on the new and growing popularity of experiential Jewish educators.  Many organizations are now looking for educators with not only formal teaching credentials, but also experiential teaching experience, such as working in a camp or youth movement in a more informal capacity.  Experiential educators have profound impact and it is a rapidly growing job position throughout the United States.

What makes experiential educators so successful?  According to this article, they help to make Judaism more personal and connect it to the students.  This is so important in order to inspire the next generation to continue our traditions.  Areyvut is all about experiential education.  Our different hands on programs, such as Mitzvah Clowning and Bnai Mitzvah program, allow tweens and teens to connect to their Judaism outside the classroom on a more personal level.  Come check out our website and get involved!

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