Hands-On Education

Posted on September 12, 2012

Andrea Rose Cheatham Kasper was given advice from her father that she always lives by: “Learn to make something with your hands.”  These words have stayed with her since her childhood and have inspired her in the choices that she makes.  From then on, she recognized the importance of being active, and not only learning with your mind, but with your hands as well.  Because of this, she is aiming at starting a school called Yadaim Academy, yadaim meaning hands.  This school has a different approach to learning, and believes in project-based learning in fields such as farming, culinary arts, and the like.   At Areyvut we also educate through hands-on learning experiences, such as Mitzvah Clowning. I find this to be an interesting approach to education, and definitely feel that there is a place for it in order to instill core Jewish values in students.

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