They’re Shown It But Can They Own It: Peoplehood in the 21st Century

Posted on August 16, 2012

     In Morlie Levin’s section in “The Peopldhood Papers 8,” the continued Jewish interest of Taglit Birthright alumni is discussed.  The NEXT program takes “the spark ignited on a Birthright Israel trip and work[s] with partners to fan it into a fire” and provides alumni with the tools and funds to host their own Shabbat meals or Pesach Sedarim.  Levin makes a great point in saying that “for some, finding meaning and making community is not a function of attending organized activities run by others but happens rather within a circle of friends, at home.”  Like NEXT, we at Areyvut cater to the individual person and allow them to contribute to their community in a way that speaks personally to them.  For some teenagers, raising money for a cause is a great activity and chesed to do.  For others, hands-on volunteering may be the answer for them.  Each individual is just that, an individual.  We meet with teens and their parents discussing their personal interests and ideas for a chesed that they will be successful with both practically and emotionally.  If you would like to meet with us and discuss chesed opportunities for your child or for you, we’d love to help!  Contact us at

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