Siach: Lessons from a Lived Experiment in Jewish Peoplehood

Posted on August 22, 2012

     In this fantastic segment of “The Peoplehood Papers 8,” Dyonna Ginsburg writes that Siach was created to foster the 3 “C”s: 1) conversation, 2) connection and 3) collaboration.  This reminds me of Areyvut’s 7 Cs of Tikkun Olam which you can read all about.  At the Siach conference all denominations of Judaism from all areas of the world came together to learn about social justice and Jewish peoplehood.  After much deliberation, the conference included a Shabbat weekend.  The experience proved to be extremely meaningful for many who attended.  “After the havdallah ceremony at the conclusion of Shabbat, one European remarked that he had never before seen Reform and Orthodox Jews from his own community participate in a Jewish ritual together.”  Collaboration like this is wonderful and to be recognized and celebrated.  Siach should serve as an example of the impact that partnership and teamwork can make.  

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