Service as a Medium and a Message

Posted on August 2, 2012

  This segment of “The Peoplehood Papers 8” is all about Jewish service learning and how it can be either beneficial or detrimental to the community the volunteers are trying to serve.  The article gives an example of volunteers who meant to help by painting the walls of houses but were not aware that their was a community initiative to “[engage] residents to take care of their own environment.”  This left the community feeling like others could come in and do things for them.  Context is everything and we should all do our research to make sure that our service learning projects and other volunteer services are actually helping those we intend to.
     The article also states that, “Jewish service programs attract young people who are looking for meaning and purpose and want to make a contribution.”  We here at Areyvut work with the younger generations and aim to get them excited about volunteering and making a difference to those they serve.  We aim to educate them while they have fun doing real volunteer work that interests them.  We look forward to working with Repair the World who do great work with young volunteers and can’t wait to engage more young Jews in service.
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