Peoplehood and Fragmentation

Posted on August 3, 2012

     In Erica Brown’s segment of “The Peoplehood Papers 8,” she writes about ageism and how it confines our Jewish community.  When we don’t include the older people with the younger people we miss out on , “the chance to mentor or be mentored…the sharing of powerful life experiences that are not our own” etc.  Our board at Areyvut is small but eclectic and diverse in its membership.  “The bonds of peoplehood are strongest when they present the voice of us all…To be a real community and an extended family we need everyone around the table.”  As such, we invite everyone to join our mission and vision of chesed, tzedakah, and tikkun olam.  Everyone can bring the values of Judaism and Areyvut to their communities and get everyone from every age bracket involved.  Kol Hakavod Erica Brown on a job well done with this article.
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