For Every Complex Problem…

Posted on August 6, 2012

     Dr. Hal M. Lewis writes in his article that, “Our community needs to reassess our entire approach to leadership training and development, not only because an entire generation of baby boomer executives is within easy reach of retirement, but because that is what healthy organizations do, all the time.”  I agree with this article’s point that our workplace mentality needs to be altered for the better.  Noone should be thinking about what to do if the CEO steps down only at the moment that he or she does.  Through training and a fresh mindset where feedback and leadership are openly shared and improved upon, organizations can be better equipped to handle a CEO stepping down as well as other complex issues that arise in the workforce.  This article is essential for understanding one of the biggest problems within organizations and leaves us feeling better having read the ways in which we can become better because of the effort we will put into our current and future leadership.

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