Couple’s Gift Thought To Be Largest-Ever To Community Fund

Posted on August 29, 2012

     In this exciting article written by Robert Wiener, we learn about the Cooperman couple who have donated $20 million dollars to the Jewish Community Foundation of MetroWest NJ.  “I give to organizations that I perceive to be important…We are very active in our Judaism and trying to make sure that we continue to exist as a religion and a group.”  This article is a beautiful reminder of how people love to give to their families and friends that they are closest to.  This couple wants to give back to their fellow Jews and continue to strengthen the beautiful traditions of their people.  We at Areyvut understand the importance of supporting our fellow Jews and aim to do just that with our bnai mitzvah programs and chesed.  Working together we accomplish more and make the difference in the lives of our friends and family.  If you’d like to become involved with Areyvut and the work that we do or would like to help support the fellows program we are starting up please email us at

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