Chabad: Why is it so Successful?

Posted on August 18, 2012

Dr. Steven Windmueller “unpacks” Chabad and lists ten aspects that make them so successful.  Among these are the fact that they try to reach people, one Jew at a time, striving to make personal connections with people.  Also, they approach their mission with a deep commitment and background of knowledge and tradition, which comes across in everything that they do. 

He questions whether the success of Chabad can be replicated in other organizations, concluding that certain aspects of their outreach and engagement could be replicated by others.  He points out, however, that the commitment to religion and tradition that propels Chabad would be very difficult to replicate in other organizations that do not have such a background. 

The question that we can discuss is how to bring the passion and fervor of Chabad to our organizations, focusing on individuals and trying to make a real impact. 

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