ATT’s 25th Annual Rabbi Isaac Mayefsky Memorial Lecture

Posted on August 10, 2012

                 I’m proud to say that at ATT’s annual lecture, my cousin Rabbi Ahron Levitansky presented.  His presentation, titled, “Making a Great Parent Better: Crucial Steps to Better Parenting” provided the following acronym “to stress the key areas of good parenting.”

L- We need to love our children and ensure that they know that we love them.
A – Accept your children for who they are,, not the way you want them to be.  Nurture their interests and personality.
P – Look at everything from a positive perspective.  Talkto those things in your child that can be built up.
T – A parent is always teaching and modeling – these messages mold  your children.
O – Our outlook has to be one that is an overview and long term outlook.  There are no quick fixes and no instantaneous results.  We need to see potential in our children for the long range journey.
P – Prayer – We have to always daven that we will succeed in raising our children.
Rabbi Ahron Levitansky says it so nicely.  We need to be loving and accepting parents, and people, who are able to see the potential of our children and keep things in perspective.  Not only do I believe this applies to parenting, but I feel strongly that it can be applied to the world of non-profits as well as the work we each individually do.  We need to believe in the work that we all do and when times are difficult, to remember that the long-term impact is well worth it.
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