50 Jewish Things To Do Before 13

Posted on August 7, 2012

     Lenore Skenazy writes a great article that’s an optimistic version of a bucket list “a greaty way to remind kids – and their parents – that what looms for all tweens is adulthood.  Pretty soon it will be too late, or at least more awkward, for kids to make their first fort, or mud pie.  More pressingly, the things we do when we’re young influence who we become when we’re older.”  Among her list of 50 things to do before you’re 13 is to plant a tree in Israel and to volunteer in your community since we believe in tikkun olam – repairing the world.  These things find themselves as numbers two and three respectively, on Skenazy’s list.  We here at Areyvut couldn’t agree more.  Bringing our children to value The Holy Land, especially since we live in the diaspora, is essential to their Judaism, and planting a tree makes them feel included in the Land.  Volunteering in your community is absolutely vital for becoming a Jew centered on chesed and loving your fellow Jew.  We are glad to see numbers two and three on this list, as well as all the others, and look forward to helping teens and other Jews who wish to plant trees in Israel or volunteer locally and abroad.  If you have any interest in fulfilling numbers two and three on this list, whether you are younger than 13 or older, we will be happy to assist you!   Email us at info@areyvut.org and tell us what you’d like to accomplish.

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