Will We Be Builders and Not Just Buyers

Posted on July 16, 2012

     Sarah Kass, in her article “Will We Be Builders and Not Just Buyers,” quotes George Overholser and Craig Reigel saying that, “When non-profits and funders do not distinguish between building and buying, ‘bad things happen to good causes.’”  She explains how a nonprofit with a great idea gets help starting out their organization from “buyers” but once there is pressure to expand and continue programming, without the proper continued support from “builders,” the nonprofit can be effected negatively even to the extent of closing up shop.  JDub records, a Jewish recording company, recently closed down and this article explains that it is because they didn’t have enough “builders” supporting their creative work.  I was shocked to hear that JDub was closing.  It’s sad when such a great company falters and cannot recover.  For those of us in the nonprofit world, it is worthwhile to read this article and recognize that it is important to gain supporters who will further the work that we do and join us in creating the greatest programs to better our world and our organization simultaneously.  

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