Volunteers Are Not Free Labor

Posted on July 1, 2012

     Volunteers are an essential part of Areyvut and we value the hard and meaningful work they put into their service.  Stephen G. Donshik’s article about volunteers is of the utmost importance emphasizing that volunteers should be utilized and appreciated rather than let to do busy work or work that no one else wants to do.  He mentions that “having ongoing discussions with volunteers to elicit their feedback on their experiences can be critical to sustaining their commitment to the organization.”  With all of our volunteers as well as our summer interns we at Areyvut make sure to ask their feedback and incorporate any useful elements they come up with in their suggestions.  Some of our interns even highlighted being asked for feedback as one of the positive aspects of their summer interning experience at Aryevut.  They felt that being enabled to make a difference and direct impact in the organization they’d been working so closely with was extremely rewarding and allowed them to feel valued with the knowledge that their input matters.  This article is a great one which emphasizes this point and values our volunteers.  

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