The Billionaire Who Stopped Giving

Posted on July 12, 2012

     This article highlights the story of a man named Charles “Chuck” Feeney who is a billionaire and has stopped giving because “he has largely fulfilled his promise to give away the bulk of his fortune during his lifetime.  He called it ‘giving while living.'”  This amazing man and his charitable lifestyle serves as an inspirational to all of us and reminds me that it’s important for everyone to have a plan for how to allocate their money.  We must all try to engage, motivate, and inspire others to become involved in philanthropy.  Moreover I love the idea of ‘giving while living’ in order to live to see the good your hard-earned money can contribute to and even be the direct cause of!  Let’s all consider Charles “Chuck” Feeney when we think about philanthropy and allow ourselves to remember this humble and amazing act of tzedakah which he has bestowed upon many and which we can all surely aspire to.

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