Lending A Hand

Posted on July 9, 2012

     Rambam says that helping someone find a job and become self-sufficient is one of the highest levels of giving tzedakah.  It’s the whole “teach a man to fish” philosophy that will enable him to sustain himself for the days, weeks, and years ahead.  Kiva.org  is a website that enables you to find projects that need funding from around the globe, and lend money out so that the project can continue.  The money is then repaid as soon as it becomes available again for the person taking the loan.  This website is fantastic!  I additionally love that at the bottom of the Kiva website, it tells you how many people have been helped and how much money has been donated for the week.  It’s great that people are funding projects that may otherwise go unnoticed and that these everyday people are getting the help they need to  do their jobs and live their lives.  Congratulations to Kiva for making this type of giving possible.  Will you lend a hand to someone who needs it?

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