Boards Are People, Too

Posted on July 11, 2012

     Considering board members as individuals rather than as simply one entity can help your organization to thrive.  As this article suggests, “start looking at the individuals who comprise your board, and begin approaching the task of ‘board giving'” differently.  James Plourde, the author, explains that it is important to be on track with how each member is contributing financially to the organization and if there are sudden increases to be able to pinpoint if everyone is giving more or if people are social loafing and letting the new member give the extra she wants to.  In the article, one tool for measuring board giving is to have “each board member commit to including the organization in his/her will or through another planned giving vehicle.” While this is a nice idea, I wonder how it would play out practically for those who are dedicated members of multiple boards.  This article provides many useful insights and ideas and I highly recommend checking it out.

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