Valuing Our Advancing Jewish Professionals

Posted on June 10, 2012

     At Areyvut, we believe in the importance of leadership and allowing teens and young adults alike, the chance to learn about the non-profit and philanthropic world.  During the summer we train and mentor young adults who learn about the non-profit world through hands on projects and on-site visits to various Jewish organizations who are currently making great strides in their communities.  It is our goal to launch a fellows program in the near future in which young adults can go out into various Jewish communities actively bringing volunteer and chesed opportunities to the youth they’ll be interacting with.  In Mark Young’s article, there are eight pointers for “both leaders and consumers of Jewish communal life …to better value our advancing Jewish professionals.”  This is a great article for anyone working with young adults who wants to provide them with the best tools they can.  Working with young and ambitious adults is exciting and the more we can equip them to change the world, the better.  If you are interested in funding our fellowship programs call us at 201-244-6702 or email us at

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