The Ethical Responsibility of Donors

Posted on June 5, 2012

     Usually there is more talk of an organization being responsible for fulfilling its obligations to the donor rather than the other way around.  In this article, however, Stephen G. Donshik writes about the donors responsibilities to the funded agency.  One line that truly sticks out in my mind is from the conclusion; “Through ethical behavior we not only strengthen the nonprofits we work with, but we let the community know that the voluntary organizations and their leadership strive to represent the highest standard of values.”  It is important to be good to one another and to have high standards of ethics.  The very work we do is good-natured and it would be a shame for it to become something other than wholesome productive work benefiting those who need it most.  May we all strive to be as ethical in our business dealings and in our philanthropic lives as humanly possible.

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