Give Running

Posted on June 27, 2012

     In a beautifully written article by Greg Woodburn, the founder of Give Running, an organization that “teaches youth through running, the character traits and skills that serve as a foundation for success in all aspects of life,” is the following quote:

“Living in the present moment, it is important to focus on the work rather than the title — on what we do rather than who we are — because ultimately who we are results from what we do and why we do it.  And if we do what we love, our work will live on.  The doing, the work, the process is the teacher.  And it is also the source of authentic joy.  Let us step forward — and never stop running.

     In addition to loving the work that Give Running does, by donating running shoes to those who can’t afford a pair both locally and globally, I truly admire the work ethic of Greg Woodburn in his appreciation of “the process” with all the work that it entails and his drive to make a meaningful impact on others.  He says to view your “passions as a newly planted seed waiting to ripen and blossom for the world.”  Becoming involved in organizations that mean something personally to you enables you to truly put your heart into helping them help others.  Sharing your passions and hobbies with those less fortunate than yourself becomes a truly rewarding experience enabling others the opportunity to become passionate about something you feel can be very beneficial to them.  With access to running shoes and the encouragement to “never stop running” these beneficiaries can improve their lives greatly and all because you had a passion that you recognized (as did Greg Woodburn).  I encourage us all to think about what motivates us and how best we can use our talents, gifts, and interests to make a difference in the lives of those around us.


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