Birthday Fundraising!

Posted on June 19, 2012

  Yesterday was my 23rd birthday!  Birthdays are all about friends, family, gifts…and cake.  There have been lots of people on Facebook in the past who have sent me events to donate money in lieu of presents for their birthday and one of my friend even has her own goat in Africa!  I think donating money for a special occasion such as a birthday is a great idea and thanks to technology, raising money for your favorite cause has never been easier.  I just read this awesome article which highlights different websites that enable you to raise money for whatever cause you choose!  They also help out with your own personal fundraising projects.  Each site that is listed in the article is a little different.  Some sites earn you points for the money you raise which can get you prizes later on, some feature game-like activities on their sites, and others are geared towards non-profits.  The sites are all easy-to-use and thanks to this technologically-advanced world we live in, we can accomplish so much good and raise tons of money for the causes we connect with most.
So what will you be doing for your next birthday?  Maybe try and raise some money for a project that needs your help!  Give some presents to others.  I think I will. =)

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