9 Nanas Anonymously Make Happiness Happen

Posted on June 21, 2012

     My fellow intern, Kimmie, pointed me to this amazing article titled, “It Ain’t Over: The Business 9 Women Kept A Secret for Three Decades” that was featured in today’s Huffington Post.  The article highlights the story of 9 older women who bake pound cakes at 4 in the morning, either in their own kitchens or the restaurant of one of the women’s sons, and deliver the cakes to people in their community who they hear are experiencing a hardship.  Did I mention they do all of this anonymously?  Wow.  The women hadn’t even told their husbands, until they finally had to reveal their secret upon being asked about some of their bank statements.  Once told, the husbands thought it was a great plan and decided they wanted to help as much as they could!  Eventually their children were informed of the project and proposed the idea that the Nanas sell their pound cakes online to raise money in order to help more people. 
      Since starting the online business, the 9 Nanas are more successful than ever, even having been chosen to have their pound cakes in the “coveted swag bags” at the 69th Golden Globes Awards, the 18th Annual S.A.G. Awards®, and the Grammy Awards®!   Yet even with all the publicity they’ve been getting, these 9 amazing women are still working their magic anonymously.  “Sometimes they just pull out the phone book and send off pound cakes to complete strangers.  And if the Nanas spot someone at the grocery store who appears to need a little help, it’s not unusual for them to start filling a stranger’s cart.”  
     Rambam in his “Laws of Gifts to the Poor”, states that a very high level of giving tzedakah can be achieved by giving to someone anonymously so that they will not know from whom they received their donation.  These women do just that in choosing to remain anonymous and gladly share happiness with as many people as possible.  This article has truly inspired me to think about what more I can do for my community and how I can utilize my own resources to give to those who are aching for something more (food, shelter, inspiration, etc).  We can all use our gifts and our excitement to help our neighbors in order to create some lasting goodness.  Let’s never underestimate the power of a good idea, and of the happiness that can follow for everyone involved. <3

Visit the Nanas’ website at www.Happiness-Happens.com!

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