5 Legged-table Jewish Education Venture Fund

Posted on June 12, 2012

     I just read an exciting article about the, “5 Legged-table Jewish Education Venture Fund.”  The goal of the fund is to “inspire the development of new informal Jewish educational initiatives that advance at least 3 of the 5 legs that constitute meaningful Jewish Life according to Avraham [Infeld’s] world view: 1) Jewish Memory 2) Family 3) Sinai 4) Land/State of Israel 5) Hebrew.  These five legs are all fundamental to a Jewish person’s life, and choosing three to focus on will connect the Jewish people further.  “In this way, whenever she meets another Jew who has made the same commitment, they will always have at least one of the legs in common.”  Areyvut applauds the work and ideas of Avraham Infeld and hopes we can all work together to strengthen our 5 legs both individually and collectively.  If you are in Jerusalem and interested in applying for funding for a project that supports the ideas of the 5 Legged-Table, check out this article for further details!

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