The Rebirth of BBYO: A Decade of Lessons Learned

Posted on May 27, 2012

     BBYO, a 90-year old organization, celebrated their tenth anniversary as an independent organization from B’nai B’rith International.  In the past ten years the organization has “transformed itself to meet the quickly evolving interests and needs of a new generation and transitioned into and embraced the digital age.”  Moreover,  Lisa Eisen’s article goes on to tell of the success that BBYO has been having in establishing a lasting impact on the teens who are a part of the organization.  This is extremely exciting news.  BBYO has completely reinvented itself and successfully so!  This great organization for Jewish youth is a shining example of an organization that has the potential for greatness and then reaches that potential.  We applaud BBYO and all of their hard work over the past 90 years.  We look forward to working with BBYO and the Jewish youth they’ve inspired in the future!

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