Non-cash Giving Can Be an Important Donor Option

Posted on May 15, 2012

     In an article titled, “Non-cash Giving Can Be an Important Donor Option,” Robert I. Evans and Avrum D. Lapin discuss how donors can contribute to organizations with their collections and property.  The main thing that I like about this article is that it highlights the importance of giving without donating money proper.  There are more ways to give to a cause than donating to them, though donating in itself is extremely important and appreciated.  People can donate their time and their expertise in order to help out an organization.  Someone who owns a bakery may bake some cookies for a fundraiser or a graphic designer may help design the new brochures for an organization.  Be it in the form of Bnai Mitzvah fairs or Mitzvah Clowning, we at Areyvut are all about giving in a multitude of ways, and we’re so glad to see an article that recognizes the various ways to give in non-cash capacities.

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