Inverting the Canopy: A Funder Reaches Out for Help

Posted on May 31, 2012

     In this unique and interesting article, Charlene Seidle discusses San Diego’s North county and the hopes and steps taken to allow for it to be a place of creative Jewish ideas presently and long-term.  During the “Summit conversations” there were six themes that she goes through one by one: 1) We need to break down the walls between funders and program providers 2) Philanthropy is both the risk capital and the sustaining capital of the Jewish world 3) A local community like North County can be an important testing ground for Big Ideas 4) Judaism is our competitive advantage 5) Let’s invest in people 6) The learning never ends.  This article is impressive because it shows that a community is working together to create positive change for the future of their community.  We should all take lessons from North County and evaluate our own communities to see what can be improved upon.

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