7 Ways to Create a Fiercely Loyal Nonprofit

Posted on May 29, 2012

     Sarah Robinson provides “7 Ways to Create a Fiercely Loyal Nonprofit Community” in her article for eJewishPhilanthropy.  One of my favorite item that she lists for creating a a loyal community is #5; “Create a culture of “‘We.'”  Robinson writes that she “often hear[s] complaining about ‘those donors’ or ‘those volunteers,’ which tells [that]…there is an Us/Them culture at play.”  She proposes that we begin to use “we” in our speech to bridge the gaps between one another bringing us closer together.  “What if you only used the word ‘we’ as in ‘We are all supporters of this organization.  Some of us just happen to work in the office.'”  This point should be taken to heart, because is has the power to create community and to truly unite us all.

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