Let’s Get Personal: The Professional – Volunteer Relationship

Posted on April 26, 2012

     Stephen G. Donshik writes in his article, “Whether it is by acknowledging significant events in a person’s life or whether it is by connecting them to Jewish communities across the globe, we are making a personal connection in a way that lets them know we value them as people.”  It is important to connect with the volunteer leaders, board members, and donors of our organizations in real and meaningful ways.  Donshik suggests sending birthday cards, offering travel tips if you know where they’re vacationing, etc.  His advice benefits everyone and allows for the opportunity to create lasting professional relationships which is what nonprofit work is all about.  “In the voluntary sector, which is built on the base of human values and caring about others, this message means a great deal and strengthens our relationships with the people who are involved in sustaining our organizations.”

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