Grapevine: Moving from Program-Centric to Customer-Centric

Posted on April 30, 2012

     This article highlights a website called GrapeVine which connects people to Jewish events going on in their neighborhood.  “The idea was to provide a platform enabling a fundamental shift in the Jewish community from a program-centric to a customer-centric orientation.  The goal: to ensure the Jewish community retains every individual or family that ever participates in any of our institutions’ or foundations’ programs rather than lose track of 80 percent of them, who are quickly labeled as ‘uninvolved.'”  GrapeVine as a “third party engine, puts the individual Jew at the center and focuses on retaining him or her in Jewish life.”  The efforts of this site and its creators are truly remarkable and beneficial to keeping our Jewish community alive and thriving for years to come.  Areyvut applauds their work and hopes to see their site continue to flourish over time.

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