The Best of Both Worlds: Back to the Future of Philanthropy

Posted on March 21, 2012

     This fantastic article by Sandy Cardin explains the true meaning of philanthropy and tikkun olam.  She reminds us that “a philanthropist is actually anyone who undertakes to improve the quality of human life and, in turn, to increase the general well-being of humankind.  It is the pursuit of tikkun olam – striving to make the world a better place – that renders someone worthy of being called a philanthropist, not the amount of money they spend in that effort.”  Cardin reminds us that while money is important in philanthropy, it is also time and hands-on service that makes a positive difference on its own merits.  When paired with money, the two work perfectly towards tikkun olam.  We at Areyvut believe in hands-on service and enable teenagers to become active in chesed opportunities that interest them.  When teens search for volunteer opportunities that interest them, volunteer, and donate money, they are becoming well-rounded philanthropic individuals with the power to change the world.  We believe that teens play a huge role in tikkun olam and have the power to make life better for those they come into contact with and that is why we do what we can to support them in their philanthropic lives.  To learn more about our programs click here.

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