Teen Philanthropy as A Catalyst for Change

Posted on March 20, 2012

     At Areyvut we are committed to enabling youth to reach out and do chesed in their communities and abroad.  Teens have the power and the ambition to create social change around them and if we give them the opportunity to, they’ll run with it.  In Sue Schwartzman’s article, she writes that, “when kids are given the community responsibility of dispersing funds, they begin to see their power and potential for being agents for change.  They learn that community listens to them, that there are needs greater than their own, and that each action they take has collective impact and makes a difference.”  We couldn’t agree more and that is why have programming that is both meaningful and effective.  Here you can find our Teen Philanthropy page where we highlight teens who do good in their communities.  We look forward to furthering our work in philanthropy with our greatest allies, the youth themselves. 

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